Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                                21/01/2021

We have continued to reflect on our vision, ‘Love learning, love one another and love God’ with a particular focus being on showing ways that we can show love to one another – it is lovely to read that some of our values champions have been awarded the title this week for showing the value of love.

Among the many pieces of advice currently available, the following top ten recommendations struck me as succinct, straight forward and wise.

1. Have a morning routine

2. Create a happy music playlist

3. If you are able, go outside daily

4. Exercise daily, e.g. pilates

5. De-clutter your living space

6. Get as much natural light as possible

7. Make delicious and healthy food

8. Stay connected with others

9. Read/ paint/ write for escapism

10. At the end of each day note 3 positive and 2 negative aspects of your day

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme is Express Yourself, looking at the importance of sharing feelings, thoughts, or ideas through creativity.

Fiona Whiteside, our Inclusion Lead has just gained her Mental Health First Aid certificate. Mental health First Aid is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. This involves giving reassurance, support and information, signposting them or a family member or friend to professionals or organisations that may be able to help.

Do please read the letter from Penny Frost and Ian Dodds from Richmond Council paying particular note to the following regarding critical workers:

‘If a child cannot safely remain at home, critical workers are able to request a place for their child directly with their school. Our headteachers are committed to welcoming children into school where this is essential for their safety or if their parents' work is critical to the COVID-19 response or the EU transition. Please consider keeping your child at home if you can, even though the government guidance is that only one parent or carer needs to be a critical worker to be eligible for a place for their child in school.

Schools are delivering remote learning alongside face-to-face learning for larger numbers of pupils in schools, especially where their workforce is reduced through illness or self-isolation. This situation may require headteachers, as a last resort, to prioritise those children who are able to have a place in school based on need and safety.’

I know that I keep mentioning this in my newsletters but we do not want to be in a position where we have to prioritise requests being made restricting availability to people those who genuinely need it. We are still having parents requesting places at school, often quite forcefully, which means we are moving towards this in certain parts of the school. If your child does attend school and your circumstances have changed meaning you no longer need your child to do so, please reconsider your position. We appreciate that it is challenging to keep your children at home and to support them with their learning but the ultimate aim is to prevent the spread of the virus and we can only do this by reducing contact with others.

Thank you once again for all that you are doing to support your children with their learning throughout these difficult times. The teachers and support staff are all working extremely hard and doing an amazing job - they have so appreciated your kind and encouraging words.

With my very best wishes

Alison Bateman

Reading opportunities for children during this period of remote learning.

Oak National Academy virtual library

The Oak National Academy have launched their own online library which allows children to 'take books out' for free. Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide the virtual library with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. This week's free book is provided by Jacqueline Wilson.

First News online editions free

First News are providing free access to the online editions of their newspaper during the period of national lockdown. First News is a weekly newspaper aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds.  It reports the news in an age-appropriate and non-scary way that gets children engaged.

"We cover issues which are relevant to children and which specifically affect them. Inside you'll find a mix of world news and UK news, but also loads of fun stuff, such as entertainment, games, animals, sport and puzzles. Even at the moment not all news is bad and we passionately believe there are lots of positive stories out there. We love to cover the nice news too and celebrate what is good about the world."

It is so important that children are reading daily at home so hopefully these resources will make it easier for them to find interesting and engaging texts during this period of remote learning.

5 a day fitness

The home access username and password are:

User Name : HTCPST5

Password :sKMVEZUa

Please visit to login in using these details.




Our Nursery children continue to have lots of fun exploring “Winter Wonderland”. They listened to a special penguin counting story and then decided it would be great fun to make our own penguins. Holly decided to make chocolate banana penguins and Sammy worked hard chopping up cheese, carrots and grapes to make cheese penguin crackers. The children explored what ice is made of and how it melts. They then froze some of their toys and had to work hard to melt the ice and save their toys! Nola enjoyed using a syringe to squirt warm water to melt her ice and Sophie enjoyed running her toys under a warm tap - thank goodness the toys had Rainbow class around to save the day! For marvellous maths Monday, the children were set challenges to explore maths outside. Leo made a wonderful circle with stones and Ruben had fun making lots of different shapes. Well done Rainbow class!



Giraffe class made squishy bags to practice their phonics and Melody painted her new sounds as well. They shared the book ‘Colour Monster’ and the children made their own colour Monsters - Jay named hers Ella and her monster's colour emotions are very, very confused as can be seen by all her jumbled colours! With all the rain we have had, Jay also made a rain gauge and is going to let us know how much rain falls each day when she measures it. Leo took his maths learning outside and used his cars to make number totals and Christos's marvellous maths shows how he recorded all the ways of making different numbers in a table.


In Zebra class, Jesse used his cars and shells to count different amounts in maths and Hania and Haya made happiness monsters in PSHE.



Matias holding up his fabulous fairy-tale 'The Wizard and the Witch'; Iris with a picture of her Magic Hat, in preparation for writing instructions; Kacper performing a science experiment; Hazel’s fabulous fairytale on friendship; Elise practising spellings and Dolly and Atticus’s observational drawings of themselves.



Penguin class have had lots of fun creating activities that needed instructions. Here is Tallulah's delicious cupcake recipe, she wrote out the instructions clearly using imperative verbs. In PSHE, designed their very own garden space in which to be calm or happy - Varvara painted a beautiful picture of Richmond Park. In Maths children have been working on sharing and grouping - Faris has worked hard at his Maths and has had some great reasoning ideas in challenges. 




Kayson’s Nobel prize award, designed when learning about Marie Curie and George's aerial view from his bedroom when learning about mapping and aerial photos. Kayson, James and Kian’s Picasso paintings having learnt a little about Cubism the children they then used shape and colour to create their own images. Alex's work show the features he spotted in instruction writing.



  Text Box: Lucas dreams of designing his own train line and then setting up a transport company with Marcus called M &L Transport. 
Marcus dreams of travelling around the world and setting up a transport company with Lucas.

Lilly-Rose dreams of being a vet. This is the vet clinic that she would set up.



Maisie and Frankie’s geography work on the zones of the ocean.


In art, year 6 have been drawing caricatures – here are Mia and Liva’s. Livia’s Geography poster, informs people about the dangers to the rainforest and how this will affect our planet.


Text Box: Charlottes science – natural selection of the peppered moth.A piece of paper with writing on it

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Values Champions

Giraffes and Zebras: Haya and Kaylee for showing the value of community. The children listened to the story 'While we can't hug' and Haya made a card and picture for a friend to show they can still be together even though they are apart and Kaylee smiles in every lesson making all her friends happy.


Pandas: Johnny for showing the value of aspiration by persevering and showing stamina in writing a long fairy-tale and Alice for showing the value of community' in google classroom, participating keenly in all lessons and listening to others with interest too.  

Koalas: Amana for showing the value of aspiration by setting high standards for herself and for making new friendships and Flynn for showing the value of aspiration by being self-reflective and challenging himself.

Penguins: Lois for showing the value of aspiration by focusing on her reading skills and greatly improving her fluency and understanding by reading every day - she also produced some beautiful artwork and Matheus for showing the value of love by being kind and caring to his friends during our live lessons and always checking in with everyone and showing that he cares.

Dolphins: Mila and Matteo for showing the value of community by contributing well in the class lessons and praising and encouraging other children in their learning.

Lions: Zeynep for showing aspiration by working hard to complete her Bronze and Silver maths awards this week and Jennah for showing love by writing positive comments on the class stream and congratulating people who have done well.

Leopards: Emma for showing aspiration whilst working from home and being so resilient with the remote learning and George for showing the value of community during our Google Meet lessons by listening carefully to others and also making sensible contributions.

Kestrels: Eli for showing the value of aspiration through creativity when producing a Tour Guide Video about the Colosseum using wonderful expressions and props to add atmosphere and Maya also

for showing the value of aspiration by demonstrating courage when reading to the class during an English lesson. 

Falcons: Alfie for showing the value of aspiration by continuing to work hard and never giving up on his maths work even when it is difficult and Lili for showing the value of community by always contributing and sharing her ideas during her live online lessons. Lili is also very positive and cheery every day.

Eagles: Frankie for showing the value of aspiration by sharing her work regularly with the teachers, responding to feedback and producing work to a high standard and Arshan also for aspiration by contributing lots of super ideas to the live lessons and producing work to a great standard.

Owls: Bea for showing aspiration through her ‘love of learning’ and demonstrating great creativity and attention to detail and Izzy  for showing the value of community by always sharing her ideas and being kind and friendly towards others in the class.

Seals: Adem: For showing the value of aspiration by demonstrating resilience in his learning and for striving to understand by asking questions and Nahla for showing the value of community by trying to help others with different issues including using Google Classroom.

Otters: Kaiya and Arthur for showing the value of love by sharing brilliantly how we can show love to others during PSHE this week. They are also both very supportive to others as part of our online community.

Brentford FC - Free Live Online Football Zoom Lessons

Session dates: Tuesday 12th, 19th, 26th January and 2nd, 9th February 2021.

  • Important: attached to this email you will find our terms and conditions; 11 quick points that must be read if participating.

  • Live sessions using the online platform Zoom with two of our coaches (we may have special guests too - TBC).

  • A regular slot booked each week.

  • Five-week programme focusing on a different topic involving ball mastery and specific football fitness exercises each week.

  • Designated demonstrator and narrator providing visual and technical feedback support throughout the session.

  • The Zoom meeting details will be sent to all registered participants on the day of each session.