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Kingfisher Club

 Kingfisher club

At Holy Trinity School we have a fantastic facility for looking after your children out of school hours. Whether you need the Breakfast Club ( 7.45am - 8.55am) or Kingfisher Club (3.20pm - 6.00pm) we can provide a safe and fun environment for your children during term time.



Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open between 7.45am - 8.55am. This costs 4.00 from 7.45 or £3.50 from 8am per child per session.
Payment is made either in advance online using Scopay or we accept childcare vouchers from a wide range of providers that are added to your Scopay account to enable you to view your balance.
Breakfast is served until 8.30am. Games and activities are provided to keep the children happy until school begins.  Children are taken to their classes at 8.55am ready for their school day.




Kingfisher Club

Kingfisher Club hours 3.20pm - 6.00pm at a cost of £13.00 per child per session.  Places are pre-booked.  Ad-hoc spaces are usually not available.  Fees are paid in advance half-termly and are non-refundable.
Infant pupils are collected from their classes at the end of the school day.  Junior pupils are given the responsibility of making their own way to the Kingfisher Club.
Kingfisher Club is a play based, 'home from home' setting. A hot snack is provided at 3.30pm (or 4.30pm if they are attending an after school club) to see them through until home time.  Please ensure you provide all information with regard to allergy or dietry requirements to our staff.
The Kingfisher Club has a large play room for construction, role play, music, air hockey table, football table and games.  A quiet activity room for arts and crafts, reading, board games and puzzles.
We have our own outside playspace with all year round weather surface.  Kingfisher Club has full use of both the infant and junior playgrounds and playframes (after 4.30pm). Also our lovely school field for lots of sumer fun, activities and games.

Fees for Kingfisher Club should be paid online using Scopay or we accept Childcare vouchers from a wide range of providers that are added to your Scopay account to enable you to view your balance. may be made by cash, cheque or childcare vouchers.  An invoice will be issued within the first week of term and all monies are to be paid one month in advance.
Late Collection Fees:- are charged at £1.00 per minute from 6.01pm.
We are Ofsted registered and you may be able to qualify for monies via your Tax Credits.


Kingfisher Club


Kingfisher Club Staff

Holly Arberry             Lorna Shepley

                Sonia Connolly

Sam Morement                 

Kingfisher Club Contact

All enquiries please contact Holly Arbery
Kingfisher Club Mobile:
07531 053635
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kingfisher Club Testimonials

What do our parents say?

"We have been very pleased with both the amount of before and after school care offered and by the quality of the care.  We feel that everyone there really has the best interest of the kids at heart.  Our boys have great fun and when we collect them in the evening it is hard to get them to leave."
Neil and Marie Ashton


"My children love going to Kingfisher and both the breakfast club and after-school club are a lifesaver for our working family. I work unpredictable hours and the facility to drop the children early without prior booking is often the difference between me being able to work and not. The kids view it as an extended playdate and who can blame them - toast and jam, unrestricted access to the playground and Lesley and her lovely ladies – what’s not to love!"
Mary Smyth, mum of Zach (Yr 1) and Lili (Reception)


"Kingfisher Club at Holy Trinity is everything a parent could wish for. Firstly as working parents we need a wrap-around child care solution that works logistically. Secondly when you leave you children in the care of others you wish a genuine interest in their welfare be given and in a fun learning environment. Thirdly you would like your child looked after in a similar environment to that at home.

Kingfisher Club under the care of Lesley, Julie and Sylvie is all of this and more. The children are fed wholesome food, make good friends across different age groups and even get support in their home learning assignments. It is wonderful when picking up your child to see them happy and openly giving out hugs to the Kingfisher Club Team. Highly recommended!"
Julian Allbut, dad of Georgia (Yr 1)


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