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The schools dads team kicks off again this season with our first game against Marshgate this Sunday at 10am at Barn Elms Trust Playing Fields opposite the wetlands centre. Come along and support us.
Let's hope we continue where we left off after after convincingly winning 10 out of 11 games in the league last season and topping it off by winning the Inter Schools Dads 6 aside Tournament final against East Sheen.  Let's hope the school gets a few more trophies this season.
Time for the mums 
Kew Riverside has put together a team of mums to represent the school, they are looking for there first game of the season and I think it would be great for Holy Trinity to get a mums team together and play the first ever mums game.

Holy Trinity Dads football team is on the look out for more players. We play regular 11 a-side football matches against other school dad's teams in a social but competitive fashion - its great fun and keeps you fit too. You know you've still got it so come along and give it a try (all standards are welcome)

Part of the East Sheen Dads League
Barnes Primary - East Sheen Primary - Holy Trinity CE -Marshgate - Kew Riverside - Sheen Mount - St Osmunds - St Mary Magdalen - The Swedish School



For more information contact:
Neil Jeffries - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Michael Valero - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sheen Mount - Friday 28 Nov 8pm
Queens - Sunday 14 Dec KO TBC

Match Report - HTFC (5) v Marshgate (4)
Sept 28th

We finally kicked off our first game of the season against Marshgate at Barn Elms Trust almost a year previosu where we first played them, and in typical fashion of late it was definitely no walk in the park. Having had a couple of players drop out last minute from both teams, we kicked off on a glorious sunny Sunday morning with 10 a-side and no ref and yours truly, Michael V and Martin T all taking turns between the sticks! Thankfully we had two new players involved in Nicholas Lu (new player) and Simon (stand in). Everyone was in good but edgy spirits when we kicked off but after going down 1-0 quite early I thought it was just going to be one of those games, and it was.

The tempo was very fast paced and neither team looked like they was reserving anything in the first half. Marshgate stuck another away making it 2-0 and we upped our game, how I don't know but we got one back to keep the game close, I believe it was Jose who got our first making it 2-1. The ref finally turned up 15 minutes into the game and good job he did as tempers were starting to get frayed, Michael V had his hands full for sure being the peace maker. We all desperately needed the half time break and thankfully Ad Vp turned up as did one of their players making it 11 a-side, but no subs to play.

Again from the start it was very fractious stuff more sunday pub league than good old friendly inter-schools league. We then concede a very dubious penalty, but thankfully Sterling (Marshgate Captain) was way to nervous and scuffed his shot. Our new hot striker Matthew Hind then got us level again, only for Marshgate's wonder boy Yunus to put them ahead yet again 3-2. And this is how it went on with us getting another back through new boy Simon to make it 3-3 after we moved him upfront, they went ahead again and we thought there was no way back, but two goals from Matty Hind and James Ellwood in succession saw us finally get ahead and then the whistle finally blew 5-4 get in!

All in all, even though it was not a classic game of football it was another great performance from the team, and we continue our winning streak where we left off from last season. So well done to all that turned up and gave it there all, here's to the rest of the season.

Spooky facts
I looked at the match report for our first game against Marshgate this time last year, and it's spooky how similar it was especially with the same scoreline too! -

Jose Pacheco - 1
Matthew Hind - 2
Simon - 1
James Ellwood - 1

Man of the Match for pure fighting spirit - James Ellwood

Martin Toussaint
Rob Hindle
Ad Van De Poel
Guido Regazzoni
Neil Jeffries
James Ellwood
Nicholas Lu
Jose Pacheco
Matthew Hind
Michael Valero (Capt)
Simon ?

*Some of the accuracy of this report might be slightly incorrect, due to fact of not knowing what the hell was going on during the game and having footballers block after trying to recall who scored and when. And the ref losing his notes of the scorers didn't help either. We did definitely win 5-4 though!

Next Game - THE BIG ONE!
East Sheen v HTFC Sunday 19th October Barn Elms Trust 2pm KO


Match Report - HTFC (2) v East Sheen (4)

It was a hard day at the office yesterday evening at a very cold, slippery, fast Bank of England pitch at which our unbeaten run was finally broken. With Mary Mags refusing to play at BoE having Barn Elms cancel (fair enough after having a bad injury there), East Sheen very swiftly produced a squad of 16 players with only 1 nights notice, we should be embarrassed boys!

So with a make shift back 4 due to squad availability, no substitutes and probably still too many mince pies still hanging around from Christmas, it was always going to be tough. But to give East Sheen credit they did there homework after we beat them last time out 7-3. They worked tight as a team, played tough and gritty and didn't give our midfield a chance, with them probably getting 85% win rate from all goal kicks.
Although we took a harsh loss, we did stand up in the second half and showed some great spirit coming back from 3-0 down to 3-2, conceding a final near the end which wasn't a bad show. We also had at least 2 clear chances too, so if we had those it could have been a different scoreline. But to be honest we we're all off our game with the exception of a few players that played out their skins, those being Carl, Martin and Matthew we applaud you.
So we need to move on - we play new comers Kew Riverside in 2 weeks time w/e of 31st Jan, this is there host so could be a Friday night or a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I will let you know ASAP. But please can we get a full squad for this game use Teamsnap to show your availability -

Goal Scorers
Carl Thomas HTFC  - 2 (2nd Half)

Man of the Match
Carl Thomas & Matthew Hind

Match Report - HTFC (3) v St Osmunds (2)

Our final game of 2013 was certainly a tough one against St Osmunds, having beaten them 5-2 last time out we thought it would be a walk in the park. But we once again pulled out the stops to get another win 3-2 to add to our unbeaten run this season.

We thought we try our like with this game, changing our positions to a 3 - 5 - 2 and from a possession point of view this paid as we totally dominated the first half, peppering St Osmunds goal like a voting hotline at the Xfactor finals. But we could just not get a goal we needed to settle us, poor Damian had more fun watching the kids playing in the park than being in goal, I don't think he had a shot on target at him.

So we switched back to 4 - 4 - 2 for the start of the second half,  and St Osmund changed too by bringing out their goalie John Hagan who normally plays centre forward. This made a huge difference for them and they played much better in the second half and gave us a real run for our money. But we capitalised very early with a Carl (golden boot) Thomas double going 2-0 up in about 10 minutes. But as usual we like to make life hard for ourselves and we got to comfortable and let them back into it with John Hagan getting on the score sheet twice. But to be honest we always knew we would hold out as we took control again in the last 10 minutes and letting the beast Damian out on pitch to get his first goal for the club sealed it 3-2!

A well thought hard game on a fast, slippery Bank of England pitch - Well done to all we are still currently the invincibles for 2013 in the Dad's league.

Final note - It was great having 2 subs at the game and for everyone getting to the clubhouse to celebrate after the game, we definitely have to do that more. We play St Mary Mags Sunday 19 January 2014 time to be confirmed.

Goal Scorers

Carl Thomas HTFC  - 2 (2nd Half)
Damian Lafeuille HTFC - 1 (2nd half)
John Hagan SO - 2 (2nd half)

Man of the Match
Richard Jones (twice on the trot nice)

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